MD Papierfabrik in Dachau: demolition work starts February ISARIA is starting with the remediation of areas not under preservation orders in the southern part of the main site.

Dachau, February 5, 2019: After a long wait, progress is finally being made at the former paper mill site. At the beginning of February 2019, ISARIA Dachau Entwicklungsgesellschaft (IDEG), a subsidiary of the Munich-based ISARIA Wohnbau AG, will begin with the demolition and remediation of the southern part of the main site.

Green light in February

The development of the former MD Papierfabrik premises had long been on hold, but in September 2017 the ISARIA Wohnbau AG subsidiary company acquired the 138,000 m2-site and is now planning to build a new quarter as an extension of the old town. Before the actual building works can begin, all standing parts not protected by preservation orders will be demolished and the soil will be remediated, removing all traces of contaminants and pollutants left behind after almost 150 years of paper production. ISARIA is tackling this urgent task even before building permissions have been granted, and is investing a significant sum of money: at the beginning of February, demolition and remediation work will begin in the southern part of the site. The aim is to complete this first section of work by September 2019. All measures are being coordinated in close cooperation with the district office and the water authority in Dachau, and managed by the Munich-based engineering firm Campus, which is also ensuring that all official requirements and preservation regulations are being adhered to. As a result, prior to starting the work, an evidence report was created to show the impact of any shock waves or tremors during the building works. While the work is carried out, all efforts will be made to keep the impact on residents through noise, dirt, and dust to a minimum.

New living space for around 2,000 people

From 1862 to 2007 the site was used for paper production, but is now set to be transformed into a new district with a mixture of residential and commercial spaces, as well as eateries. The new quarter is located to the east of Dachau’s old town and will include various green spaces. A long greenway and the Mühlbach canal, which is to be dammed up, will be lined with attractive homes for around 2,000 people and an area of approximately 55,000 m2 for commercial and retail units and restaurants. The rewilding and accessibility project for the Mühlbach, which has played a significant role throughout the industrial history of the paper mill site, will keep the historic character of the area alive. This will also be achieved by plans to retain and transform the original paper halls, the turbine house, and the mill buildings. Distinctive structures, including the historic water tower, and details such as the clock tower on the paper halls, which dates back to 1887, lend the area a special charm.

About ISARIA Wohnbau AG

ISARIA Wohnbau AG has been one of the leading project developers in residential real estate in Munich for 20 years. The range of projects it has completed includes multi-story apartment blocks and townhouses to the regeneration of buildings previously used for commercial purposes, so that ISARIA Wohnbau AG, with around 90 employees, can now offer residential properties for personal use or for investment to meet the requirements of a wide range of target groups. The company primarily obtains the necessary construction rights itself.

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