MD Papierfabrik Dachau: demolition of the transportation bridge over Ostenstraße from June 17–19 ISARIA is completing an important part of the remediation work in the areas not under preservation orders in the southern part of the main site

Dachau, June 12, 2019: From June 17 to 19, Ostenstraße will be closed on these days as ISARIA Wohnbau AG demolishes the remaining section of the former transportation bridge.

Building works in the southern part of the main site to be completed by spring 2021

Back in February 2019, ISARIA began demolition works in the easily accessible areas of the former MD Papierfabrik. Now, with the demolition of the wood-transport bridge, an important landmark of nearly 150 years of paper production is set to disappear: the bridge once connected the wood storage area with the rest of the site and bears the MD Papierfabrik logo. The first phase of the remediation work will continue into the second half of the year. The remediation and demolition works across the entire site are expected to be completed by the end of 2021. All measures are being carried out in close cooperation with the district office in Dachau and the water authority. The Munich-based engineering firm Campus is managing the project and is responsible for ensuring that all official requirements and preservation measures are adhered to. Before work began, monitoring was conducted on possible construction vibration, and on the preservation of evidence in case of damage.

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ISARIA Wohnbau AG is one of the leading project developers for residential construction in Munich. The range of projects it has completed includes multi-story apartment blocks, district developments and the regeneration of buildings previously used for commercial purposes. ISARIA Wohnbau AG, with its 90-some employees, can now offer residential properties to meet the requirements of a wide range of target groups. The company has 20 years of experience along the entire project development value chain, including proven skills in obtaining construction rights. Based on its strong market position in the Munich urban area, ISARIA Wohnbau AG has successively expanded its activities in recent years to new regions with projects in the greater Munich area as well as in Hamburg, Stuttgart and Frankfurt am Main. The company’s current project pipeline is worth over EUR 2.8 billion.

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