ISARIA Wohnbau AG Starts Work on Clearing and Renovating MD Site

Dachau, November 22, 2018 – In agreement with the city of Dachau, ISARIA Wohnbau AG decided to clear and renovate the entire site of the former MD paper factory for future development, while the city of Dachau will carry out the development planning process to establish new construction rights for the future development. To this end, ISARIA Dachau Entwicklungsgesellschaft (IDEG), a subsidiary of ISARIA Wohnbau AG and the owner of the site, submitted a demolition notice to the Dachau municipal planning office in late October 2018 for the first buildings at the heart of the site. Initial work to clear the site has already begun.

ISARIA Wohnbau is clearing the way for the efficient and practical use of this historic site that plays an important role in the urban landscape. The measures are being carried out by the engineering firm commissioned by ISARIA, campus Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH. The first parts of the site should be ready for development by the end of 2020. The city of Dachau is still striving to obtain the resolution required for the development plan.

Major Progress in the Development Timeline

The decision by ISARIA to start work in advance with clearing the site and not to wait for the new construction permissions to come through as the previous owner did has ended the years-long standstill on the site and will significantly shorten the development timeline.

The city of Dachau has expressly welcomed this step by ISARIA. Florian Hartmann, mayor of the City of Dachau: “By clearing the site, we are now one step closer to being able to use the space in a more useful way to the benefit of the city.” 
Henrik Stratz, member of the ISARIA Wohnbau AG Management Board: “With its proximity to the very heart of the city, the former MD paper factory site is of great significance to the city of Dachau. We want to live up to this responsibility and intend to gradually develop the site in close partnership with all those involved to restructure it as an urban quarter and to organically link it with the heart of the city. The clearing work now underway, regardless of the development planning process, shows our willingness to act flexibly and in the interests of the City of Dachau and its citizens.”

Initial Demolition Work to Start in Early 2019

The main work to take place over the next two years includes the demolition of the existing buildings and soil remediation. This includes drilling, soil air tests and determining pollution hotspots in the subsoil. This work is already well underway. In the first half of 2019, a conclusive evaluation of pollutants within the building structure will be carried out. Initial demolition work is also set to begin in early 2019. The preliminary work will be done in preparation for the main project and in sequence—all in close partnership with the relevant authorities. The soil right up to the listed building to be maintained will be freed of any pollutants. Following recent measurements, the amount of contaminated material to be removed from the site (demolition material from the buildings, soil) is now estimated to be much less than initial rough calculations indicated. campus Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH is planning, coordinating and monitoring the various measures together with the supervisory authorities.

About the MD Site

The München Dachauer Actiengesellschaft für Maschinenpapierfabrikation paper factory (MD) was founded in 1862. The company went on to become one of the most successful paper manufacturers in Germany. The paper factory in Dachau ceased production in 2007. Since 2017, the site now known as MD has been owned by the ISARIA Dachau Entwicklungsgesellschaft, a subsidiary of the Munich-based project developer ISARIA Wohnbau AG. The site to be developed, which covers around 130,000 m2, will be the future home of an urban quarter with about 1,000 residential units and space for offices, retail and restaurants. As a tribute to the site’s heritage, the project corporation was named after the key figure in the history of the München Dachauer Actiengesellschaft, the entrepreneur Louis Weinmann. For more information on the history of the site, please visit:

About ISARIA Wohnbau AG

ISARIA Wohnbau AG has been one of the leading project developers in residential real estate in Munich for 20 years. The range of projects it has completed includes multi-story apartment blocks, district development and the regeneration of buildings previously used for commercial purposes so that ISARIA Wohnbau AG, with its 85-some employees, can now offer residential properties to meet the requirements of a wide range of target groups. The company has many years of experience along the entire project development value chain, including proven skills in obtaining construction rights. On the basis of its strong market position in Munich, ISARIA Wohnbau has gradually expanded its business to new regions with projects in the Munich metropolitan area, as well as in Hamburg, Stuttgart and Frankfurt am Main. The company’s current project pipeline is worth over EUR 2.5 billion. More information at:

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