ISARIA Wohnbau AG realizes 8,800 m² of sustainable residential units with wooden structures in Munich’s DIAMALTPARK

Munich, January 17, 2020 – Project developer ISARIA Wohnbau AG has erected seven four-story solid-wood buildings with 8,800 square meters of total residential space as part of its DIAMALTPARK quarter development in Munich-Allach. The first three structures are well off the ground, with project completion set for the end of the year. The four remaining buildings will be ready for tenants by spring 2021.

The 126 new condominiums have solid-wood exteriors and, with mineral insulation and plaster on the surface, reflect the design guidelines of the entire development.

“We focus on traditional construction methods for building wood homes, as they have an unbeatable residential value when it comes to ensuring a sustainable climate footprint,” says Robert Lange, head of project management at ISARIA Wohnbau AG and managing director of the project corporation ISARIA am Münchfeld GmbH. “With the wooden structure, we are the first to test the product in Munich’s home-owner market.”

For structural reasons, the buildings’ only cement elements are the staircases, elevator shafts, and spaces in the parking garage. ISARIA Wohnbau AG had Huber und Sohn GmbH as their construction partner, a regionally recognized company with its own production of prefabricated wooden designs in Upper Bavaria’s Wasserburg.

According to experts at the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB), wood as a raw material is in abundant supply. Over 100 million cubic meters of wood are regrown each year in Germany, of which nearly 80 million are used annually. Eight percent of that would be sufficient for the entire volume of new solid-wood housing construction projects.

“The building sector is responsible for a third of all CO2 emissions. Wood as a raw material allows for more sustainable and environmentally friendly construction, especially since it is a domestic resource and acts as a CO2 reservoir,” says Dr. Denny Ohnesorge, managing director of the German lumber trade organization Deutscher Holzwirtschaftsrat (DHWR).

The DIAMALTPARK development quarter meets other criteria for sustainability in addition to its extensive wood-frame construction: its central public green areas and lizard habitat of more than a hectare each are essential elements of the development project that constitute about a quarter of the total plot. The City of Munich will assume both areas upon project completion. Additionally, geothermal heat and a cogeneration unit will provide heat in the quarter in all six stages of construction. Waste heat will be used for environmentally friendly power generation. ISARIA has also guaranteed to equip all parking spaces in the parking garage in DIAMALTPARK with the necessary infrastructure for e-charging stations.

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ISARIA Wohnbau AG is one of the leading project developers for residential construction in Munich. The range of projects it has completed includes multi-story apartment blocks, district developments and the regeneration of buildings previously used for commercial purposes. ISARIA Wohnbau AG, with its 90-some employees, can now offer residential properties to meet the requirements of a wide range of target groups. The company has 20 years of experience along the entire project development value chain, including proven skills in obtaining construction rights. Based on its strong market position in the Munich urban area, ISARIA Wohnbau AG has successively expanded its activities in recent years to new regions with projects in the greater Munich area as well as in Hamburg, Stuttgart and Frankfurt am Main. The company's project pipeline has a current planned sales volume of more than EUR 2.6 billion.

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