Dachau Papierfabrik: ISARIA begins soil remediation

  • 80,000 metric tons of soil to be removed by fall 2020

  • Residents and motorists may face slight inconveniences

Munich, September 10, 2019: ISARIA Wohnbau AG will shortly begin soil remediation work on the wood storage area of the former Dachau Papierfabrik. The excavation work will prepare the area, which measures around 41,000 m², for the creation of the planned residential and green spaces as well as streets.

The work on the wood storage area marks the next stage in the process of removing contaminants left by the former paper factory. An increase in truck traffic will be necessary starting September 23, 2019 to remove the total load of 80,000 metric tons. The trucks will transport the soil outbound from Ostenstraße via Ludwig-Thoma-Straße to nearby landfills, where it will be properly disposed of.

A preliminary assessment found that it is unlikely that residents will experience major disruptions during the work. Nevertheless, according to Michael Gerstner, project manager at ISARIA Wohnbau AG: “It will not be possible to eliminate all inconveniences.” The demolition and remediation measures are subject to strict noise- and air-pollution regulations. The soil remediation process will last between approximately 12 and 13 months.

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