Acquisition profile


  • Inner city development sites
  • Suburban locations
  • Excellent social and infrastructure links
  • Excellent local amenities
  • Stable environment and neighbourhood

Preferred locations

  • Primary focus in Munich and Hamburg as well as other Top 5 urban conurbations; Frankfurt/Main, Stuttgart, Berlin, Dusseldorf and Cologne.

Criteria for site and property

  • Conversion areas
  • Designated development area
  • With or without building permits
  • No existing hereditary building rights
  • 10,000m² plot area for housing construction
  • 50 residential units for multi-storey apartment complexes
  • Vacant existing building with need for development

Minimum data for initial inspection

  • Full address (street, house number, post code and town)
  • Site plan (M 1:1,000)
  • Land parcel designation, land registry data
  • Land development plan, if available
  • Land utilisation plan, if available

Minimum data for properties

  • Documents concerning existing structures, where necessary
  • Site size
  • Actual annual net rent (broken down into usage categories)
  • Tenancy schedule, including all relevant data
  • Details about the plot, separated according to usage (incl. vacancies)
  • Dimensioned floor plans and profiles of every floor
  • Year of construction
  • Photos of property