Company-owned financing partner and provider
of the successful ProReal participation sequence

Through our subsidiary company, ONE GROUP, we offer you the opportunity to benefit from the development and realisation of new housing construction as well as the renovation of existing real estate. Using ProReal participation products, the ONE GROUP invests in ISARIA Wohnbau AG’s housing property projects and external property developers.

With innovative products and a clear investment strategy, the ONE GROUP has effectively established itself as one of the leading providers of project development investments in Germany’s retail sector. Since 2013, the company has placed an equity volume of around EUR 150 million on the market. To date, around 6,000 investors have invested in the Pro Real participation series.

All products are running as planned, two participations have already been successfully liquidated and returned.

Investments in residential construction projects

Using clearly defined criteria, the ProReal participation products are used to invest in the development and sale of residential real estate projects exclusively in German cities.

The benefits:

  • Sale of the constructed living space in the current market and price environment
  • Clear investment period in contrast to investments in existing properties – ProReal investment products have correspondingly short planned maturity periods
  • No extensive inventory and maintenance work in contrast to the direct purchase of a single residential property

You can find more information about the latest ProReal investment products from the ONE GROUP here.

Tailor-made product solutions for institutional investors

Thanks to the exclusive access to high-quality residential construction projects, the ONE GROUP is able to offer professional investors carefully selected product solutions.

The company designs custom-made product concepts for institutional, semi-institutional, selected private investors or companies.

Are you interested in the ONE GROUP’s investment products? For more information, you can find the right contact person here.

You can find more detailed information about the ProReal Deutschland Fund in our service portfolio